5 reasons to love yourself

Today everyone is talking about self-love and the importance of it, but at times I find it quite hard to be confident and comfortable with who I am. However, I feel that it is one the most important aspects of our happiness, well-being and growth.

I grew up without people reminding me I was good enough, so for the longest time of my life I couldn’t accept that I was. Therefore, I made it a task for myself to find 5 reasons why I love myself, and I want to encourage each one of you to do the same. You can save those reasons somewhere to be the reminders that you need to feel better, whenever you feel down.

It might not be easy for you to write those things down, as it wasn’t easy for me. But I believe that each one of us can find creativity and strength within to do that. If you are on the way to your mental illness recovery or simply want to improve your life, making this list will be useful for you.

Also, I think we’ve all been taught that being humble is better than boasting or taking pride of yourself. But it’s become a disservice to us in so many ways! Many of us not only can’t find anything good about ourselves but we also think, that it’s wrong to even try to look for it. It is so much easier to see what we’ve been doing wrong as oppose to notice the good.

With this post, even though I might make someone cringe, I’m attempting to help everyone, who’s reading it, to get rid of unnecessary humility and shyness and try to find 5 reasons why you love yourself or why you deserve love.

It can be anything: from "I am beautiful" to "I receive great marks at school". Don’t think that those reasons are not important, or you don’t deserve praise for it. Every little thing matters!

Now, here’s my list:

  1. Despite all the struggles that I have overcome, I didn’t give up, I keep going. I am strong.
  2. I keep working on becoming a better person every day, doing my best to deal with my fears and stepping outside my comfort zone. I am brave.
  3. I spent many years of my life helping others, and I still want to help make this world a little bit better. I genuinely care about people. I am a good person.
  4. I am my own best friend. No matter what happens, how many people hurt me or abandon me, I will always have myself. I am supportive.
  5. I wrote this post and created this blog for everyone who might need it. I am talented and creative.

Cultivating self-love is very important for our mental health and if it for some reason doesn’t come natural to us, we should practice it daily till it becomes a part of our nature.