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March recap: self-isolation and a new work space

Where do I even start? This month has been full of events that not so many of us could predict. Overwhelming news about global pandemic (COVID-19) and, as a result, a need for self-isolation strongly impacted our lives, and of course mental health. Not going to lie, as an introvert I am used to "social distancing", and it was not the hardest part for me, when it came down to the virus, but of course uncertainty, paranoia (health anxiety) and inability to go out and do things that became an essential part of my daily routine had a toll on me just like, I am sure, on everyone else out there. 

If you have been following my blog for some time, you probably know that I set a few goals in the beginning of 2020 and was putting a lot of effort in January-February to do everything possible in order to successfully achieve monthly tasks which in turn were planned to lead me to achieving my goals by the end of the year. Well, little did I know, that COVID-19 had different plans for me.

It wouldn't be honest to say that the virus is the only thing to blame for my low productivity last month. But more on that later. 

With this being said, traditionally let's start with downs of the month

One of the downs is definitely my inability to stick to my plan to read two books a month. Reason #1 is my poor choice of books, that absolutely didn't work for me. One of them was “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” by Jordan Peterson. No, the book wasn't for me! Not because I am not an introspective person, but because that type of introspection just didn't fit my brain (I am sure some would roll their eyes thinking: yeah, right!).

I am not going to write a review on this book, but I will just say I managed to read about a half of it, and it was a hard decision for me to give it up. Mostly because I hate giving up on books. It took me a long time to read what I had read, and I genuinely wanted to finish it, but at some point I realized that my desire to finish it was mostly because of my inability to say: no, it is not my book, I am wasting my time here. I am not saying that I will never get back to it, as I found a few interesting points there, but I had to put it down for now. 

Another book is “How Not to Diet" by doctor Michael Greger. This book is very interesting and full of research, but I should be in a certain mindset to actually want to read it. Global pandemic certainly didn't contribute to that. I had more important (in my mind) things to think about besides science behind weight gain. The reason why I chose this book is because I am trying to become more educated in the field of plant-based nutrition, and Dr. Michael Greger is definitely the best candidate to help me with that. Will I ever finish it? I certainly will, but it didn't happen last month. Sigh. 

Do I need to say that I didn't really go to the climbing gym last month? I don't take full responsibility for this one, but definitely it was a "down" for me, as I expected to be very active in the beginning of the month.

Now, onto ups

Not that it is important but now I have a new office space for work, maybe even for "podcasting" and singing.

I think there are not many people who didn’t declutter or clean while on quarantine. Surprisingly I found a whole new meaning for me in minimalism, that I have been in support of for a while now. I managed to get rid of even more stuff and leave the essentials (I've put some winter clothes away in order to have more of an empty space, that calms me down).

I also found out that I want to focus on emotional minimalism as it’s something that I believe can help me deal with my anxiety recovery. I am going to talk about it more in my future posts.

Maybe it's silly, but I consider it an accomplishment: we (my partner and I) finished our 1000 pieces puzzle! Yay! It took us, I would say, a bit more than two months. And we ended up losing three pieces (LOL). But, hey, there's something wonderful about making puzzles. I actually found it very therapeutic

Something that I am very proud of as well is my exercise schedule in March. I managed to do short yoga sessions regularly (every day or every other day), and that helped me tremendously not only with physical but also mental health. By the end of the month I incorporated some strength exercises to my normal yoga class. I will talk about our small home gym in one of my next blogposts.

Overall, I am very happy that despite having a hard time focusing and staying motivated I still managed to accomplish things that are important to me. I had to remind myself one more time how to stay still and be ok with not being ok. Those moments can be especially useful if you are obsessed with productivity. There are definitely times to be productive and times to just be.