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June recap: changing the perspective

Here we are. June recap. It feels like time is just flying by, but I have said it already before. It was very hard for me to let go of the plans that I created in the beginning of this year, just like it is not easy to accept that maybe this year is going to be just the way it has been so far: full of unpredictable situations that make us acknowledge once again how fragile our life style is, how sometimes powerless we can feel, and how important it is to be able to adapt and adjust

Changing perspective. It has been 6 months of 2020, and it means maybe we can look back, see what we have learnt so far and choose how we are going to move forward. Maybe it is that time to completely let go of previous expectation and find new strength within, create a new plan, readjust...

With this being said, traditionally let's start with downs of the month

Last month I failed again at reading two books. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you already know that it's been three months or so of me trying to finish a book "How Not to Diet" by Michael Greger, MD. And it is not that it's not an interesting book, it's just that it's very scientific and can be a bit hard to read. It is also extremely long. I am sure some of you can relate, that it can be quite challenging to trick our brain into enjoying something that is a little bit more complex than what we are used to. However, I am pretty close to the end, and will be brave enough to promise myself (and you), that I will finish the book in July. 

Last month I struggled a lot with self-love. In the beginning of this year I had some major plans about what I want to achieve in terms of my physical appearance and fitness performance. But since gyms have been closed and now we are still quarantining, my only gym is my home. Don't get me wrong, home gym is amazing, but for someone who got into rock climbing and managed to build some muscles, it is not easy to maintain it by doing home workouts. But like I said, it is about changing the perspective.

On a flip side, I reintroduced myself to yoga and found new joy in dancing (more on that later). 

Spending time in nature wasn't very successful last month. The weather kind of failed us if I can say that. It was either too hot, or raining (*rolls her eyes*). Me and my partner were still able to do our regular walks in the neighborhood, not so much in wild nature though. 

Now, onto ups

Yay, I have finally finished another book I have been working on for a while - "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" by psychologist Jordan Peterson. Wow, what a journey! Again, the struggle was real, cos this book is extremely complex for my understanding, although I would like to think about myself as I am a deep thinker. I actually ended up enjoying some parts of it, and there were moments when it even helped me think differently (change the perspective) about my struggles. Having said that, I am still glad, it's behind me now.:)

I exercised most days in June, which is great. I mostly do short workouts (30 mins max), and I find that it works best for me, so like I said, I wasn't able to achieve the results that I would like to achieve, but I am still proud of myself for being able to work out even in times when I was not feeling my best. I find it especially important to lower our standards a bit (if need be) and still acknowledge the effort, as tough love doesn't always work. In the end of last month, I found some fun dance workouts online. I really love dancing and used to regularly go to Zumba class. I think dancing is an amazing way for me to do cardio (because I hate cardio). It also really boosts my mood when I can dance to my favorite music and forget about everything - very therapeutic

It might sound that I am looking for excuses, when it comes down to achieving my goals, but I am trying to keep it real. Sometimes we are not who we would like to see ourselves, and it's ok. Forgiveness is key. As well as patience. I am trying to see this time as a moment to really find joy in every day, be happy about accomplishing small tasks and cultivate self-love. I am still hard on myself sometimes, but I am learning to be more understanding. I am doing my best. I am doing enough. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you did in the comments. Until next time on Pillows&Trees.