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August recap: stress and major anxiety. It's all good

Another month has passed by, and that means it's time for a monthly recap. Last month I was working hard on overcoming major anxiety that I was experiencing due to some stressful life events, and I can proudly say that it was successful. Not only I managed to keep my anxiety at bay, I was able to see a huge progress after all stress was behind me. Basically, I was able to exhale and relax, and it is not something that happens to someone who has an anxiety disorder. It is probably the first time I see an improvement in my mental health in a very long time, and that makes me believe I am heading in the right direction

With this being said, traditionally let's start with downs of the month

It feels like last month I failed at keeping up with my normal exercise schedule. I understand that in current circumstances "normal" has acquired a new meaning, but I read somewhere that in spite of the uncertainty by creating routines we manage to experience some kind of "normality" in our lives that many of us crave so much. It is more like a psychological trick, that does work. However, when I stop following the schedule, that's when things get more complicated. 

Like I said, I had to deal with a lot of stress last month, and it led me to losing that sense of control that I had been trying to maintain all those months prior to August. Last month was a chaotic month, if I just describe it with one word, but sometimes things get worse before they start getting better, don't they?

Speaking of routines, I didn't have many meditation sessions last month. Mostly because of my restless legs. You see, when I am under too much pressure, I just can't lay or sit still at all. And even though I had started to see progress in my ability to mediate (I have come a long way!), I just could not do it last month, which disrupted my sleep and made things a little bit worse.

Last month I basically failed at reading. Yep. If you have been reading my monthly recaps all this time you already know that I struggled to stick to my goal (reading 2 books a month) from a very beginning. But in July I kind of decided to drop that idea and simply read as much as I want and whenever I want. If you have an anxiety disorder, you maybe recognize, that it's hard to work or do something when you have a strict plan or expectation of how things should be. However, if there is no plan, there is often no accomplishment for me at all. And that's exactly what happened. Can't win! I did start a book, but I didn't finish it, which was predictable. Despite me putting it in the "down" category, I am not disappointed. I think I will eventually catch up, but reading is just one of those things that is simply better be taken easy

Now, onto ups

One of the main ups of the month was of course me not letting my anxiety take over me, as I have already mentioned in the beginning of this post. 

Even though I didn't exercise according to my schedule I did manage to walk quite a bit last month. In July I was talking about how my partner and I found a wonderful place where we could rest and swim near to where we live, well, in August we walked much more in order to find even a better spot for us to enjoy nature as it is. Wow, guys. This blog is called Pillows&Trees, and I think if you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love, love, love trees and nature in general. So needless to say, the place we found was absolutely magical, and was definitely a highlight of the last month. But it took us 16k steps to get there and back, so I don't need to say how exhausted we were, but still very satisfied

Speaking of pillows, last month I did some more organizing around the house. I realized how much I actually love a clean organized home, where everything has its own place, but the process of organizing - I love it even more. I think it's much more enjoyable to work with an already somewhat clean house, but I really like constantly improving it. Cleaning and organizing helps me deal with stress.

So, there you have it. My August in a few sentences. In September I am planning to really focus on my routines and get back to "normal" state of things. I wish you a wonderful month, and hope to see you back soon, on Pillows&Trees.