5 things money can't buy

Today I am going to share with you 5 things that in my opinion money can't buy. It's not an extensive list by any means, but I thought it would be fun to make because so many of us think that money is more important than it actually is. Of course, money is an essential part of our lives. We need money to eat and to stay warm, as well as to pay for our medical bills, so I am not trying to say you don't need it. But I find it important to talk about things that money can't buy, even though we spend a lot of it to obtain those things. By knowing and remembering that no matter how much money we have and how much of it we spend, we can't still obtain these things, we can start trying to work on other aspects of our lives that can help us in our journey. Just think about it. 5 things that money can't buy.

Money can't buy confidence

People spend so much money trying to look perfect to feel confident. But it happens that the more someone tries, the further from being confident they become. By focusing too much on our appearance we find more and more imperfections in ourselves. Money can't buy you that feeling of being good enough that everyone needs. Only you can do it for yourself. If anything, money distracts you from finding the main issue that hides within yourself.

Money can't buy mental health

It will probably be controversial, as with money we can pay for a therapy or medications that we may need, but psychotherapy does not guarantee your mental illness will go away completely. It can provide guidance, but a lot of times the main actions and changes will have to be done by you.

You can look at it differently, I understand, but what I am trying to say is that you don't need to pay for expensive apps with guided meditation to still be able to meditate.

Many famous people who have a lot of money ended up severely unwell, mentally unwell, which proves one more time that unfortunately money can't buy mental health.

Money can't buy love and sense of belonging

People who have money are often lonely because they can't trust if others love them or like them for who they are or for their money. Money can buy an illusion of love and friendship, and many people are ok with it. However real love does not come from a place of selfishness and greed. It comes from sense of connection and deep care for the wellbeing of another person. Money can't buy these things.

Money can't buy peace

Money can provide us with everything we need to find peace, except it can't make us feel peaceful. Many of us strive for acquiring more and more, as well as achieving more and more, but once we get to the point when have everything we need, we still can't relax, we keep thinking about something else, and we keep wanting more. I am sure you have experienced that feeling of emptiness before, that no matter what you do, you still feel empty and incomplete.

I strongly believe it's important to have that passion for life, but it's also important to learn when to stop, let go and simply exist in the moment. No rush, no plans, or goals. You can find peace by practicing being in the moment, mindfulness, gratitude. Money can help you not to worry about what you can eat, but only you are responsible for sitting down and enjoying the food. So many people are overcomplicating the concept of happiness.

Money can't buy youth

Women these days desperately try to fight ageing. Of course, people who invest more money in themselves may look much better, but they still age. They don't look like 20 years old. We also don't know how they feel as money can't provide you with youthful energy that over the time, we end up losing. I know it sounds sad, but our bodies will eventually start falling apart and money unfortunately can't help with that. It can make the process easier, I believe, but ageing is an inevitable part of life.

So here are my 5 things that money can't buy. What would you add to the list? What would you take out? Leave a comment below. Please don't forget to enjoy simple things in life. I am sending you love and sparkles of light. Until next time on Pillows&Trees.