Mental Health

Prioritizing Yourself: Top Mental Health Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are typically focused, high-performing individuals who put every ounce of themselves into their business. While this can lead to a highly successful operation, it also has the potential to catch up to you in the form of anxiety and depression — especially when you don’t take adequate time to focus on healing self-care measures

There Isn’t Enough Time!

Entrepreneurs always make time for their business but often don’t take time for personal care or leisure pursuits. This type of thinking can be detrimental to both you and your venture. If you get run down and don’t get enough sleep, exercise, or relaxation time, it can have the opposite effect — your business may suffer because you aren’t operating at 100 percent. In fact, according to, getting enough rest can actually help you be more organized and productive, as well as enhance your problem-solving skills. Consider this: Investing time in yourself is an investment in your business because you’ll be healthy, sharp, focused, and more relaxed!

Anxiety-Busting Activities

We all manage stress differently, but there are proven strategies for minding your physical and mental health. Eat whole grains and plenty of fresh produce; make time for the gym or a home-exercise routine; get enough rest to recharge and rejuvenate; and perhaps most importantly, take a moment to have fun! Many studies show that playing video games, participating in sports leagues, going to plays, or otherwise disassociating from business for even a short period of time can produce great mental health benefits.

Pay Attention to Mental Wellness

It’s easy to tell when you hurt your knee or if you have a headache, but recognizing signs of mental stress is a little trickier. In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur on the go, you might not even be aware of mental fatigue until things come crashing down. Be proactive with your mental health with regular meditative activities, practicing gratitude, and seeking out therapy if and when you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Your primary care provider is a good place to start.

Bring In Help as Needed

Even the highest-performing entrepreneur can’t do it all alone. As the saying goes, it’s better to work smarter, not harder — and that goes for both your work and home life. Hire out services where prudent and practical. For example, if you spend an hour a day updating your books or doing your laundry, invest in people to help you perform those key tasks, and use the extra “found” time to care for yourself. Consider the money well spent as an investment in yourself and your business.

Take the Vacation!

It’s hard to convince entrepreneurs to take a day off here and there, and a vacation often seems like it’s out of the question. While it may take some pre-planning, make an effort to carve out a dedicated chunk of time to go somewhere and do anything but work. You’ll come back to your business motivated, recharged, and energized, and the clarity may even help you devise new business-building strategies! If you find it hard to step away, ease yourself into the idea of leisure time by starting with a long weekend and build from there.

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel like you are inextricably intertwined with your business. That’s even more evidence for the need to treat yourself — as well as your mental, emotional, and physical health — as a priority.

Written by Brad,