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Motivation Monday. Getting rid of expectations

Struggles are inevitable part of life. I want you to understand it's ok to feel bad, it's ok to fail at something you have been working hard on, it's ok not to be perfect at what you do, and it's ok to feel like there is no progress. What do I mean by "it's ok"? That you can still keep going, even when you know your life isn't "perfect", and that it will never be.

Recently I’ve come to realization that what will help me tremendously is getting rid of expectations of how my life should be, therefore I accept its ups and downs as they are. There are things out of my control. There always will be. However so much energy is constantly wasted on: “I wish I wasn’t anxious every day”, “I hate my constant pain”, “I do everything right, and yet I still don’t feel my best”, etc. It’s exhausting, and it’s useless.

This morning I had a workout, not expecting I’d feel amazing afterwards, but knowing it’s still good for my health and better for my body than not moving at all. I also had a short meditation, without expecting I would achieve some kind of enlightenment, but knowing it’s still better than not trying to be mindful at all.

Doing these things is not about being best at them, and it is not always about the progress. It is simply about the process that itself is beneficial in one way or another. For example, stretching in the morning helps me feel more awake and less stiff. I didn't feel amazing after it (I still had back pain), but it's not the point. I felt good enough for the person I am now, considering that my body hasn't recovered yet. I am happy that I am capable of doing those things, that I can write this post and share my journey with you, even if I know that it's not glamorous and fancy.

Expectations, comparisons, and judgment destroy inner peace, kill motivation, and make us feel we are not good “enough”. You woke up, you showed up, you tried your best. And even if you don’t feel your best, try to stay present, focus on the things you can be grateful for and keep going. Try not to think about the destination and accept you are where you need to be now. I am sure there always is something to be happy about in every day for most of us.