Embrace change

Embrace change. It's one of those things that many of us fail at. Because what will happen as a result of change is unknown. Most of us fear the unknown. Especially those who suffer from anxiety. We try to avoid the unknown as much as possible. But what I realized that there would always be the unknown in my life, and the only thing I can work on controlling is my own mind.

I have been trying to practice patience and acceptance of things I can't control. It takes a lot of work and dedication to change one's mindset, but I always believed it's possible. Our negative thoughts feed our mental illness, and even though there is no one "cure" for anxiety disorder, adopting a positive mindset and becoming more flexible may help. But I know, it’s not easy...

Change is rarely bad

What we should remember is that change is rarely something bad. It most of the times comes with something good in our lives, that we could not even imagine. And that's the beauty of the uncertainty. Possibilities are endless and I want you to focus on a thought that it can always turn out well, and more often than not, even better than you think. 

Looking at the trees that lose their leaves in winter I am reminded one more time, that nothing lasts forever. Even though endings often hurt and make us feel sad, we know for sure that this feeling of sadness and grief is temporary. It brings me comfort.

We can learn a lot from nature if we are willing to listen. And we can learn a lot from our own bodies if we listen to it because we are a part of nature. Everything what happens in our body and mind, just like in nature, has a reason. Every little change, every pleasant or unpleasant sensation.

Not knowing the future is a beautiful thing

Embrace change. Not knowing the future is a beautiful thing. Flexibility and acceptance help us become more confident in ourselves. No matter what happens tomorrow, I will be able to face it, and I am strong enough to overcome the hardships that future holds. Because at the end of the day nothing (hear me out) lasts forever. What helps ease anxiety is knowing you will overcome anything that comes your way, no matter how hard it is. 

Don't cling to present, because even though it's certain it will pass. And I want you to learn to let it go when it is time. 

Accept the fact you are maybe anxious today, and you are not feeling your best. Try to think of other things that define this moment. If pain is one of those many things, work on accepting it and find time to rest. It will eventually pass, or your perception of it will change. Always try to see beauty in everything. Be open to what is to come. And never forget that change is an inevitable part of life, without it nothing new will grow. Embrace change.

Music is Release by Vanyashi