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Can anxiety disorder be cured without medications?

One of the most important questions for people struggling with anxiety disorder could easily be "can anxiety resolve on its own, without medication". In my opinion, it can, and I know people who say they have "cured" their anxiety, but there are few factors that may impact your recovery. 

Figure out the cause

One of them is the cause for your condition. Here on my blog, we have talked a little bit about what can cause anxiety disorder. Our personality type most certainly plays a role. If you know that you have always been a "worrier" then it will be harder for you to recover from anxiety disorder. At least it was for me. If your anxiety has been caused by traumatizing experience later in life, you are most likely "better equipped" for recovery, because you know what it's like to be calm and your brain isn't so reactive. You may need to learn some useful skills and even ask for help, depending on your trauma, but I believe recovery in this case is possible even without medication. 

Take care of your physical health

Another factor for anxiety can be health issues or deficiencies. To cure anxiety, you will need to address those. It is incredibly hard to find out what issue causes someone's anxiety though. I used to be very skeptical about body-mind connection, and I thought it's my responsibility to change my reactions. I believed in mind-body connection, but not the other way around. With time I got into learning more about holistic approach to health. And I genuinely believe that there are times when something doesn't function properly in our body, which in turn gives us feelings of anxiety. We can try to change our mind all we want, but the solution may be easier than that. Even though treating physical conditions can be hard, it's often easier than changing our way of thinking and reacting to triggers. Physical health is important. Take care of it.

How do you sleep?

Lack of rest and sleep can majorly contribute to feelings of anxiety. Pay attention to it. If we are very tired, maybe to the point when we stop noticing it, we may start feeling on edge all the time. And it can become extremely hard to calm down. Once already anxious, it will most likely be more challenging to sleep. In that case improving sleep must become a priority. Check out my posts on creating a nighttime routine and natural supplements for anxiety.  Sleep disorder can be an issue on its own, but if you manage improve your sleep, anxiety may subside.

Therapy may help

Therapy can be highly effective treatment for anxiety. If you visit a therapist and practice new skills that you learn during sessions, you might not need medication at all. It is possible that your anxiety will be better once you learn more about it. Once you understand yourself better. Even if you end up taking medication, those skills will still be helpful. 

It's ok to take medications

Lastly, I would like to say, don't fear taking medication. Taking it in the beginning of your recovery may help you find that sense of control that is needed for healing. When you are extremely anxious, you feel more vulnerable and sensitive. If anything, medication can help you sleep better. It can help you calm down and see things more as they are, as opposed to through the prism of your anxiety. Remember, you don't need to take medications forever.

Again, I believe, recovery is possible without medications, depending on the severity of your condition. Start by talking to your doctor about your physical problems if you have any and try to address them. Anxiety may resolve on its own once you are physically better, get enough sleep and learn new coping skills.