An introduction from our lead writer.

Hello, friends!

My name is Anna.

I am a mental health blogger and researcher. Having been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) more than 10 years ago I dedicated my life to finding relief from my chronic worrying. That’s how Pillows&Trees was born. It is a blog where I share my personal journey, struggles and thoughts with you.

Chronic back pain, stomach issues and fatigue caused by constant anxiety made me realize how everything in our body is connected, and how important it is to pay attention to all aspects of my health.

Anxiety disorder is a serious condition that should and can be treated, but it takes patience and dedication to find the right way.

I am a supporter of holistic approach as well as traditional medicine for treating mental illness. That’s why on the pages of Pillows&Trees you will find how I incorporate both to help me live happily with anxiety disorder.

Follow me on my journey to breaking the stigma and exploring new ways of treatment. author signature